Blasphemy! I think God is more of a DC guy.


I’ve always considered God as more of a DC comics fan. I mean, look at Superman, he could have written that entire story himself.

Comes from the heavens. Where he is the son of a powerful leader that no one listens to anymore.
Super powers similar to Jesus. He brings Lois Lane back from the dead… very Jesus-esque.
Constantly saving the Earth. And he’s the only one who can.
Lois Lane/Mary Magdalene. The divine’s concubine.
Jimmy/Peter. Always messing something up, but heart in the right place.
And Starring Lex Luthor as the Devil. The Devil is always making himself into an Angel of Light. Or puts on a nice suit with diamond cufflinks.

However, Jesus’s skin could be pierced. That’s the main difference.

Joseph Cambpell would be with me on this one, I’m sure. Superman is a clear modern paralell to the story of Christ. With the “God of the Gaps” quickly disappearing, and Nietzsche famously wrote his/her obituary, our culture has evolved to address the need for the the hero epic with science – and science fiction.

Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces. 1949.

  1. I recently discovered what “eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani?” translates to, by sheer accident.

    Appropriate, for this moment in time.

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