Post-modern Jesus Christ

I was just about to grab a beer and get in the shower, when the Z Master sent this little jewel down the line. An alternative view of Jesus, if he drove a cab and smoked cheap cigars, just another immigrant with a twisted perspective and delusions of adequacy. Makes us all pine for the good ‘ol days of religion, when it was fresh and new, when the lie wasn’t so ripe and you could still get caught in the fervor, have a religious experience without being born-again. Nowadays, the thinking man has cat-like reflexes against anything resembling a deity, but back then, to get in on the ground-floor of a world-changing movement, that was the genesis of cool.

Jesus was just a kid with a tumor who heard voices and could guess your weight at the carnival. He had a secret club and a symbol, and pretty soon everyone wanted in. Add a quick dose of modern perspective and it all seems so passè. There hasn’t been anything exciting since Luther lay down his hammer. (As an aside… does that hammer still exist? I should like to own it. And I also think that Luther needed a good editor. 95 theses? Its just excessive. Way to beat a dead horse, Luther)

What churches should have, however, is a Suggestion Box. But can you imagine?

Hindu : “I think the Vishnu needs more arms.”
Jewish : “But really, what are we waiting for?”
Christan : “But, it really does look like a big ‘t’.”
Islamic : “I like the new mullah but, he really isn’t much to ululate about.”

Just remember: Religion needs a god to exist, but a god does not need a religion.

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