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October is gone once again, and winter has us securely in his sights now. The air has a crisp edge to it, cold and clean; it begs for fire. And fire we had, Saturday night. A few of us (Benson, Travis, Dave) sat around the fire for hours, drinking beer straight from the keg. It was an evening that required nothing more then the knowledge that you were alive to be completely satisfied. Also, I have no idea how much I had to drink because I was drinking direct from the keg, no red plastic cup to interfere with the beer drinking process. It was one step short of straight injecting cold beer into waiting veins.

Took the SAT on October 8, and got a 1920. But this is on the new 600-2400 scale, so to equate to the old 400-1600 scale, 1920 / 3 x 2 = 1280. Which is pretty much what I scored last time. However, this time my percentile scores were good; Math 79th percentile, verbal 91st percentile. Not bad for never having a high school education, ehh?

Meanwhile, check this out: Buck Wild

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