Work is play.

About a month ago I got a new job here in Asheville, and I’m real­ly dig­ging it. I’d been at the news­pa­per for going on 9 years (since I was 16) and felt that I was real­ly begin­ning to stag­nate in my knowl­edge and in my habits. My mind was con­stant­ly about 5 years ahead of what we could actu­al­ly do, and that depressed me into a kind of chron­ic stu­por.

In my new job, I have already learned things that I had tried to teach myself for years.  I’m begin­ning to learn web design, and to under­stand the skele­ton and flesh and blood of mar­ket­ing.  Oth­er than more mon­ey (which can make any­one’s life eas­i­er) I feel like I’ve final­ly got my ducks in a row and some crit­i­cal mis­takes are out of the way. Maybe grow­ing up is just find­ing out that you like to work more than you like to play. That def­i­n­i­tion will work for now.

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