Bloggin' the day away

I kind of used to think myself silly for indulging in blogs. Vain missives streaming into the wild, like a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear it, I would often think, but I persisted – if inconsistently. These days though, it is a very rare day that goes by at work where I am NOT posting something to one of the several blogs I help maintain. So it doesn’t seem like such wasted effort. Not that it makes it any less vain, but knowledge seeks a mouth to speak and a skill seeks hands to keep busy, and it is nice to have that something I never bothered to imagine would have commercial outlet.

I did setup the blogs for the Tryon Daily Bulletin, that was not near as successful an implementation, and it has to do with the savviness of the users. RSS feeds, blogs, and the way that people use the web just never really sank in. Remember, you can’t bullshit the user. You have to work with the user, not tell them how it is going to be and let them sink or swim. They won’t stop using the web because you can’t design it well; they’ll just mosey over to somebody else’s patch of web real estate and set their eyeballs there. Without using and reading blogs you can’t be an effective blogger. I was never very proud of that implementation, so I won’t claim it.

But now I feel like I have it way more figured out, and I am rewarded for pushing my limits. I’m no longer told to hold it back to convoy speed – slowest sets the pace.

That’s a good feeling, and it comes with a paycheck.

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