David Seah — Design, Productivity, Inspiration, and Empowerment

David Seah — Design, Pro­duc­tiv­i­ty, Inspi­ra­tion, and Empow­er­ment

I’m mak­ing a new addi­tion to my blogroll. David Seah is a pret­ty smart guy, and I like the way he orga­nizes things on paper and on screen. It makes me want to orga­nize myself bet­ter, so I can accom­plish more. I’ve been kind of down late­ly, and I feel the need to take some time work­ing on myself and my habits.  I don’t real­ly want to grow up, but I real­ly do need to grow.  I know how to change.

I feel pret­ty bad inside right now, maybe some out­ward dis­ci­pline will help.

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