Dichotomies of the World, Unite!

Occasionally life comes at you all at once, and sometimes it comes at you in bite size pieces that you really can digest. It’s the difference between consuming a cow and eating a hamburger. Lately, my life has tended toward the hamburger end of the spectrum, with an occasional Porterhouse (incidentally, my favorite cut of steak) thrown into the mix when my attention span is extra long.

Having life cut down to manageable bits has led to changes. I’ve cut back on my Dionysian tendencies and re-engaged my Apollonian to beneficial effect in life, mind and body; I’ve returned to reading and hopefully soon to writing; I’ve come up with several creative ideas (including an opera based on the Dutch East India Company and a William Golding/The Office parody called ‘Lord of the Files’ involving an office child care gone horribly wrong); and I’ve had trouble sleeping, because my mind does not like to go to rest and I’ve been working long hours.

The Hogarth oil painting to the right (I plan to do analysis of it here soon) is of my new hero, a man who made a fascinating combination of the Apollonian and Dionysian in himself: Sir Francis Dashwood, founder of the Hellfire Club. Is anyone interested in opening a chapter?

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