Bill Maher's Religulous

I saw this movie a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed it. He asks a lot of simple questions to people who say they have the answers and watches them fall on their face trying get out of the way of the hypocrisy of their tradition. Especially memorable was the Creationist museum, which depicts humans and dinosaurs living together in an antediluvian harmony, as well as the Holy Land theme park in Orlando, Florida, where an actor playing Jesus gets gruesomely impaled every day, to the tearful applause of the crowd.

“If there was a god, I’d still have both nuts.” – Lance Armstrong

Religion is a cultural millstone, hanging around our necks. The sooner we discard it, the better our chances of survival. People professing no religious belief are the most under represented demographic in this country, and like any under represented (and growing) group, they will not persist sotto voce for long. Kudos to Bill Maher.

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