Picasa 3 beta bug

I think I’ve dis­cov­ered a bug in the Picasa 3 beta. I was work­ing with some pho­tos that I want­ed to import only tem­porar­i­ly so I named the fold­er to be cre­at­ed ‘temp’. The pho­tos nev­er showed up. They exist­ed on the hard dri­ve but nev­er appeared in the Picasa library. I import­ed them a cou­ple more times, nam­ing them temp 2 and temp 3. These showed up nor­mal­ly. When I renamed the orig­i­nal ‘temp’ fold­er, it imme­di­ate­ly was found by Picasa and then scanned. I can’t find a ref­er­ence to this any­where.

Undoc­u­ment­ed fea­ture”, or bug?

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