Ahhhhhh… Sunday again.

One more time. Ahhhhhh… Sunday.

I always try and keep Sundays free from too much economic activity or social obligation. It is a big help to my mental health to be able to sit at home and accomplish personal tasks, catch up on domestic work, practice music, or just relax with a book. And now that the semester has ended for me, I feel particularly light in spirit on this December Sunday.

I should start with yesterday. Yesterday morning I drove to Tryon, worked for my favorite clients and made good money before going to my grandparent’s to socialize and work on my grandfather’s new iMac. Awesome computer, really fun and easy to use and work on. Then I drove home, changed into a festive red and black get-up and went to MoDaddy’s to hear a band that I met last March. The Two Man Gentleman Band, from New York City played two killer sets while I drank whiskey and sang all the words I knew. I love their CDs, and the guys (Andy and Fuller) are great people and very talented musicians as well as snappy dressers (knickers!). I had promised them entertainment of the musical variety and afterwards we went to my friend Woody Pines’ house for a party populated almost entirely by musicians. Woody has an awesome old upright that has a great action for honky tonk and blues, and I sat down at it and kept it hot for nearly 3 straight hours. Sometimes I questions my musical ability, but not last night. I killed it for three straight hours, with only the brief of whiskey breaks. It felt awesome. Like most people, I have a lotof  musical potential; it’s nice when it breaks through the clouds once in a while. And the clouds have been breaking more and more often lately.

The past two Sundays I have taken myself out to the Dripolator Coffeehouse, purchased the New York Times and ate a nice big brunch of huevos rancheros with my usual double Americano and Emergen-C. I try and look my best (not always easy after a busy Saturday night) and be sociable with the other Sunday brunchers, and I always leave feeling like a million bucks. It’s a really great way for me to begin the end of my week.

I’ve had lots of new beginnings and milestones these past couple months. Lost an old friend/lousy roommate. New roomate Henry (of the Firecracker Jazz Band and Squirrel Nut Zippers) is an incredible musician and wants to play music all the time at the house. There is so much I have to learn from him. On Thursday, I finished my penultimate semester in my soon-to-be decade-long pursuit of an Associates degree.  Probably have 1 A (Music Theory I) and two Bs (Literature Based Research and Cultural Anthropology). Not bad, but probably not enough to bump me up to a 3.0 GPA, which I desperately need to keep my UNC-A hopes alive.

I’m also launching a new business and slowly getting out of the in-home computer biz. Not going to be a lot of long-term money in that, but I’m glad to pick up some random service as it’s usually easy-money. My new business will hopefully launch January 1. I’m really excited about it – I feel it’s the beginning of something really big for me.

Oh and somebody threw their shoes at President Bush today in Iraq.

  1. Sorry I missed hearing you tear up the piano. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Hope to hear a bit of your piano work again soon.

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