Shorpy: Patton Ave. 1920


1920 Asheville Parade on Patton Ave.

I was really excited to find this photo on Shorpy, one of my favorite blogs. (Shorpy is a GREAT blog – I even got my grandparents to read it, and now they check it everyday.) What’s really neat is that my office downtown is almost right here. If the soldiers marched another 1/2 block down Patton from where I believe they were photographed, they would pass next to Pritchard Park and below my window. Were I alive then, would I be in the crowd, hanging from the windows, or maybe in the uniform? Where would you be?

Thanks to the recently enabled Google Street View of Asheville, I think I can pinpoint where the photographer was. Check out what I have and offer your own opinion.

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  1. I can almost see you in that photo with a top hat Andrew. This is a cool photo, I now see where your office is and S&W is. Soooo cool. Love your blogs. I will go and check out the blog that you turned your Grandparents on to… Cheers my little blog buddy. I am gonna try and make your bday partay at Emerald.. .Ciao Guapo…xoxo

  2. It’s too bad they tore down those beautiful buildings (& that arc!) and replaced them with bland concrete & a parking lot. It would be nice if they were still around. Thanks for the post. I love the photo.

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