Charlie LeDuff on VBS.TV

This guy Charlie is pretty funny. I’m from the Michigan countryside but we were close enough to be aware of the city. The second house I ever lived on was located on infamous 8 Mile Road, but far enough out to be a dirt road surrounded by farms. If I grew up in the Shire, Detroit was Mordor, always the dark cloud on the eastern horizon. The news from the east was full of Coleman Young’s policy failures, white flight and population decline, auto plant closings, the yearly immolation of Devil’s Night, police brutality and murder after murder. I applaud Vice for focusing editorial attention on this problem, unconventional though it may be.

Yes, I agree that Detroit is a great city for journalism. The difference is there is no hurricane or war or financial crisis to capture headlines blame – but there are some Pulitzers hiding in the rubble.

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