Portfolio: Nostalgia Dance Party

There’s a new club opening up in Asheville, the Arcade Asheville, in the location of the old and much mourned Joli Rouge and they are planning to have raging dance parties every Friday night. For a dance party to rage, you need the right DJs and they landed the best in town. By best, I mean with the best taste and widest appeal. They got Marley and my good friend Par. I’ve worked for Par’s former project, Under One Beat Productions, and designed lots of posters and other documents for them. So he called me up and said he found the best image ever to use as the basis for a poster. And he’s right, this photograph is dope. Super dope. It inspired this design.

Been trying to beef up the ol’ portfolio lately, and this was just the sort of project I was looking for.

Speaking of that, you should check out my portfolio.

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