Portfolio: Nostalgia Dance Party

There’s a new club open­ing up in Asheville, the Arcade Asheville, in the loca­tion of the old and much mourned Joli Rouge and they are plan­ning to have rag­ing dance par­ties every Fri­day night. For a dance par­ty to rage, you need the right DJs and they land­ed the best in town. By best, I mean with the best taste and widest appeal. They got Mar­ley and my good friend Par. I’ve worked for Par’s for­mer project, Under One Beat Pro­duc­tions, and designed lots of posters and oth­er doc­u­ments for them. So he called me up and said he found the best image ever to use as the basis for a poster. And he’s right, this pho­to­graph is dope. Super dope. It inspired this design.

Been try­ing to beef up the ol’ port­fo­lio late­ly, and this was just the sort of project I was look­ing for.

Speak­ing of that, you should check out my port­fo­lio.

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