Solo Piano Vol. 1

Last year, due to the generosity of Alistair and Helen Hyatt I was able to spend two hours recording my first solo piano album in superb Echo Mountain Recording Studios. With such limited time, I sat down and played for about an hour straight and recorded almost all of these songs in a single take. The second hour I spent with engineer Josh Blake doing mixing and mastering, and was able to come up with 12 tracks out of the session that I wanted to release. Since it’s been almost a year, I’ve been thinking about my next solo album, which I may be able to record at home. I’m also considering putting out an album where every track has a different singer, or small combo with it, a “Fletcher & Friends” sort of concept.

Take a listen, and if you dig it, order a CD or spend some money on the digitial download. Below is the entire album embedded here, or you can find my recordings at

Here are the liner notes:

Dear Listener,

Thank you for buying my CD. Your support means that I get to continue my work as a stride piano player and keep the tradition alive and vital for the next generation. My approach to this recording was to show you on a CD what I do at my numerous solo performances in Asheville and beyond, but with a more relaxed and thoughtful sensibility at the piano. I sound the way I do thanks to my mentor Reese Gray and my teacher Pam McNeil, as well as the excellent education I got on the job with my first band, Firecracker Jazz Band. Come out and see a live show sometime and make sure to introduce your self.

Cheers to you!

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