Blasphemy! I think God is more of a DC guy.


I’ve always con­sid­ered God as more of a DC comics fan. I mean, look at Super­man, he could have writ­ten that entire sto­ry him­self.

Comes from the heav­ens. Where he is the son of a pow­er­ful leader that no one lis­tens to any­more.
Super pow­ers sim­i­lar to Jesus. He brings Lois Lane back from the dead… very Jesus-esque.
Con­stant­ly sav­ing the Earth. And he’s the only one who can.
Lois Lane/Mary Mag­da­lene. The divine’s con­cu­bine.
Jimmy/Peter. Always mess­ing some­thing up, but heart in the right place.
And Star­ring Lex Luthor as the Dev­il. The Dev­il is always mak­ing him­self into an Angel of Light. Or puts on a nice suit with dia­mond cuf­flinks.

How­ev­er, Jesus’s skin could be pierced. That’s the main dif­fer­ence.

Joseph Cambpell would be with me on this one, I’m sure. Super­man is a clear mod­ern para­lell to the sto­ry of Christ. With the “God of the Gaps” quick­ly dis­ap­pear­ing, and Niet­zsche famous­ly wrote his/her obit­u­ary, our cul­ture has evolved to address the need for the the hero epic with sci­ence — and sci­ence fic­tion.

Camp­bell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thou­sand Faces. 1949.

  1. I recent­ly dis­cov­ered what “eloi, eloi, lama sabachthani?” trans­lates to, by sheer acci­dent.

    Appro­pri­ate, for this moment in time.

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