Post-mod­ern Jesus Christ

I was just about to grab a beer and get in the show­er, when the Z Mas­ter sent this lit­tle jew­el down the line. An alter­na­tive view of Jesus, if he drove a cab and smoked cheap cig­ars, just anoth­er immi­grant with a twist­ed per­spec­tive and delu­sions of ade­qua­cy. Makes us all pine for the good ‘ol days of reli­gion, when it was fresh and new, when the lie was­n’t so ripe and you could still get caught in the fer­vor, have a reli­gious expe­ri­ence with­out being born-again. Nowa­days, the think­ing man has cat-like reflex­es against any­thing resem­bling a deity, but back then, to get in on the ground-floor of a world-chang­ing move­ment, that was the gen­e­sis of cool.

Jesus was just a kid with a tumor who heard voic­es and could guess your weight at the car­ni­val. He had a secret club and a sym­bol, and pret­ty soon every­one want­ed in. Add a quick dose of mod­ern per­spec­tive and it all seems so passè. There has­n’t been any­thing excit­ing since Luther lay down his ham­mer. (As an aside… does that ham­mer still exist? I should like to own it. And I also think that Luther need­ed a good edi­tor. 95 the­ses? Its just exces­sive. Way to beat a dead horse, Luther)

What church­es should have, how­ev­er, is a Sug­ges­tion Box. But can you imag­ine?

Hin­du : “I think the Vish­nu needs more arms.”
Jew­ish : “But real­ly, what are we wait­ing for?”
Chris­tan : “But, it real­ly does look like a big ‘t’.”
Islam­ic : “I like the new mul­lah but, he real­ly isn’t much to ulu­late about.”

Just remem­ber: Reli­gion needs a god to exist, but a god does not need a reli­gion.

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