1. Help! I can’t open it! Even at work. I’m inter­est­ed in cat­a­paults! I wan­na know! What does the last line say!


  2. They pulled the sto­ry from their site… But I was able to find it in my cached web­pages. Here it is!


    by CAM SCOTT

    RESTLESS nights and a lack of sleep have plagued Narre War­ren res­i­dent Mar­garet Sand­ford after a heavy met­al object smashed through her roof and land­ed in her bed on Sun­day.
    Luck­i­ly, Ms Sand­ford wasn’t in her bed at the time but she believes that had she been, the force of the met­al pro­jec­tile would have killed her.
    After return­ing home from Ade­laide on Sun­day night, 10 April, Ms Sand­ford went to her bed­room to find a met­al object had smashed through roof tiles, burst through her ceil­ing and lodged in her bed.
    Not only was a pend­ing storm caus­ing her some wor­ry but the mys­tery of what had actu­al­ly hap­pened was play­ing on her mind.
    After tak­ing the met­al mis­sile to the Narre War­ren Police Sta­tion and being told it looked like the rem­nants of some type of home-made met­al pipe bomb, Ms Sandford’s curios­i­ty turned to fear and frus­tra­tion.
    “I first thought that if it hit my rooftop air-con­di­tion­ing unit it would’ve cost me hun­dreds, then I thought with that force, if it had have hit some­body, it would have killed some­one,” she said.
    “If that had have hit me, I’d have been dead.“
    Ms Sand­ford said the inci­dent played on her mind and upset her so much that she couldn’t get to sleep that night and is still trou­bled by the inci­dent she is con­stant­ly remind­ed of by the hole in her roof.
    She urged kids, espe­cial­ly those with idle time dur­ing the school hol­i­day peri­od, to think about the con­se­quences of their actions and the inher­ent dan­ger of using home-made explo­sive devices.
    “Just think about what you’re doing.
    “Any­thing like that is dan­ger­ous, even any sort of cat­a­pult device,” she said.

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