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Octo­ber is gone once again, and win­ter has us secure­ly in his sights now. The air has a crisp edge to it, cold and clean; it begs for fire. And fire we had, Sat­ur­day night. A few of us (Ben­son, Travis, Dave) sat around the fire for hours, drink­ing beer straight from the keg. It was an evening that required noth­ing more then the knowl­edge that you were alive to be com­plete­ly sat­is­fied. Also, I have no idea how much I had to drink because I was drink­ing direct from the keg, no red plas­tic cup to inter­fere with the beer drink­ing process. It was one step short of straight inject­ing cold beer into wait­ing veins.

Took the SAT on Octo­ber 8, and got a 1920. But this is on the new 600‑2400 scale, so to equate to the old 400‑1600 scale, 19203 x 2 = 1280. Which is pret­ty much what I scored last time. How­ev­er, this time my per­centile scores were good; Math 79th per­centile, ver­bal 91st per­centile. Not bad for nev­er hav­ing a high school edu­ca­tion, ehh?

Mean­while, check this out: Buck Wild

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