Is Random Sequence an Oxymoron?

Sesam­strasse; Just in case you won­dered whether this ever exist­ed.

The real point of this post:

Recent dis­cov­er­ies and accom­plish­ments:

  • Some of Emi­ly Dick­in­son’s poems are absolute­ly ter­ri­ble. These, how­ev­er make excel­lent country/gospel tunes; “If I could stop one heart from break­ing,” is a good exam­ple.
  • Auto­di­dact
  • The Tale of Gen­ji
  • Red Gui­tar
  • The Big Lebows­ki
  • Hil­los­o­phy” (folk wis­dom, e.g. )
  • Get­ting out of debt — the hard way.
  • Pur­chase of a Vic­tro­la! A 1921 VV-50, cur­rent­ly on lay­away. Suit­case mod­el.
  • Final­ly acknowl­edg­ing my inher­ent mate­ri­al­ism, and stag­ing a per­son­al rev­o­lu­tion.
  • Deduced the dif­fer­ence between kern­ing and track­ing by acci­dent when some­one asked me what it was.

Do your chil­dren enjoy jazz music? For I am here to tell you that Cab Cal­loway, Dizzy Gille­spie, Duke Elling­ton and the whole weed-blow­ing, gin­ger-col­ored lot are mere­ly mas­querad­ing as musi­cians and are in fact agents of evil. Reefer slows down the smok­ers’ sense of time, allow­ing them to squeeze in unnec­es­sary “grace notes”, giv­ing this voodoo music the pow­er to hyp­no­tize white women into indulging in unspeak­able acts of degra­da­tion.”

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