Fresh hot wisdom

After recent­ly turn­ing 24, I thought it might be an inter­est­ing to project to doc­u­ment what­ev­er wis­dom I have recent­ly acquired so as to com­pare year to year now what I was see­ing, but how I was see­ing it. The nature of these are var­ied, but that is to be expect­ed; I’m less and less fond of box­es and labels. Here is a by no means com­plete list.

  • Smok­ing in the bath­tub is per­fect­ly safe, except for the can­cer.
  • Some mis­takes are eas­i­er done than said.
  • Most peo­ple have good inten­tions and lousy meth­ods. Be quick to sup­port them with bet­ter meth­ods, and quick to con­demn those with tru­ly poor inten­tions.
  • Every­one has their drug of choice. The main types are: Caf­feine, Nico­tine, Mar­i­hua­na, Cocaine, or Jesus.

This should be a good tra­di­tion; I think it would be healthy for me to remem­ber what I’ve learned from year to year.

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