As remembered upon waking

I was in some sort of a palace, which under­stood to be in Sri Lan­ka. The King and Queen were there as well as some of ther min­is­ters. Also were var­i­ous Hin­du gods, human sized but with mon­strous faces. The ele­phant god and a tiger-man I remem­ber clear­ly. A very Island of Dr. More­au appear­ance those char­ac­ters, and also like the friends Sebas­t­ian made from Blade Run­ner. The palace looked like the Alham­bra, but with very thick, plush cush­ions every­where and all the char­ac­ters there were doing from som­er­saults, rolling very smooth­ly and effi­cient­ly across the ground, occa­sion­al­ly stop­ping and say­ing some­thing I did­n’t under­stand to me before con­tin­u­ing on.

I walked out­side the palace, and I was near the ocean, but there was a large court­yard here. Now appeared a prop­er Eng­lish­man, some­thing like a but­ler, and also a goofy Aus­tralian pilot. They got in a large black plane. They start­ed to take off, but it hov­ered like the U.S.M.C.‘s Osprey, and I had to get in it by climb­ing a chain-link lad­der that unrolled from a trap door in the bot­tom of the plane. Those things are real­ly hard to climb. Well the pilot starts tak­ing off, and I’m swing­ing under­neath the thing for a cou­ple min­utes before I climb aboard. It was dif­fi­cult, but I was­n’t pan­icked or fear­ful. After I get aboard, I sat between these two guys as we nav­i­gat­ed about 50 feet of the sur­face of the water, slalom­ing between scores of palm trees that arose direct­ly out of the ocean. The pilot for some rea­son lost some­thing out his win­dow so he opened his door (it felt more like a car inside) so he reach­es out and looks like he’s about to fall except his seat belt catch­es and he just flails around for a while before pulling him­self in and fly­ing. This part was pret­ty intense, I remem­ber fly­ing very near to those palm trees.

In the next part of the dream, I was a cop in New York City. I was wear­ing a kha­ki kind of suit, and I kind of felt like one of the Beast­ie Boys from the Sab­o­tage video, but no avi­a­tors or wig. I had a Glock .40 in a speed hol­sters strapped high on my waist (which I find uncom­fort­able, I like thigh slung hol­sters much bet­ter) and a full can of cold Pab­st Blue Rib­bon in my left coat pock­et. I also had one in my hand, and I sat down at a table in some room that was mine and talked to my moth­er for a few min­utes, before there was some sort of emer­gency and some­one called for me to come out­side. I did, and we rushed down this hill and some­how descend­ed into a very eco­nom­i­cal­ly unfor­tu­nate jun­gle val­ley of Nicaragua. There was a help­ful man who point­ed our direc­tion to some sort of crime, but I had no duties at this moment and I began to wan­der, where I found a boy and a girl, mak­ing out pret­ty heav­i­ly with their shirts off and pants unzipped. The two were about 12 I real­ized, and about 15 chil­dren around 5 years old sat cross-legged and qui­et­ly star­ing at the amorous young cou­ple, which I found pret­ty dis­turb­ing, so I left. Wind up back in New York City, on my way to a precinct which feels like it was in Union Square (there’s a Whole Foods I’ve been to that is there.) I walk into the sta­tion and have some con­ver­sa­tion which I for­get, before get­ting anoth­er call and run­ning out­side to a wait­ing squad car. I had my hand on my gun the entire time, as it seemed like a pret­ty big deal that we were head­ed to. I remem­ber see­ing S.W.A.T. SUVs that were pulling into line ahead of us. All the sirens sound­ed like the instru­men­tal por­tion of “Y.M.C.A.” as sung by the Vil­lage Peo­ple. That seemed a lit­tle far fetched, and I woke up.

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