Ironically written on the saddest day of the year

If only my bad habits were as spo­radic as my blog­ging.

Since I last updat­ed, many changes have tran­spired. Fore­most among them is mov­ing to Asheville. Yes, the prodi­gal los­er returns to Asheville, sans the con­struc­tive para­ble for the rest of you. Of course. I’m tak­ing Col­lege Alge­bra (again! Saves on text­books), Lit­er­a­ture Based Research, Amer­i­can Music and Con­cep­tu­al Physics (which prompt­ed my grand­fa­ther to ask, “Isn’t that when a man and a woman…”). I love being in school. It gives me more sat­is­fac­tion for liv­ing per hour than any oth­er activ­i­ty I do. Hmm. SL per H. Per­haps I should mea­sure more of my life like that.

I also start­ed a new job today, with Sen­si­ble City. I’m the online media intern. Basi­cal­ly, I write a lot of e‑mails and fig­ure out ways to use the web to pro­mote envi­ron­men­tal events. The one I’m work­ing on now is the Eco City World Sum­mit 2008. I know a first day isn’t much, but I like it a lot so far.

This past week­end was POPA­sheville and I had a blast. To put it briefly: 2 Nights, 3 Venues, 1 Bus, 34 Bands, $15. Wow. So, I parked in down­town Asheville and went to Stel­la Blue. Saw Ruby Slip­pers. Good live, but elec­tron­ic music like that is often bet­ter record­ed, and I’d love to hear what they sound like on vinyl. Her voice was love­ly though. Think Fiona Apple if she was a sopra­no and not an alto. Then I took the bus to the Grey Eagle and saw Future Islands. Had heard their name before and had no idea what to expect, but was real­ly impressed. Crap yes! More please! Then I went to see Lau­ra Reed and Deep Pock­et at the just-opened Rock­et Club, and they was great too. The Rock­et Club is in West Asheville, so I made a phone call and arranged to stay at C.‘s house which was walk­ing dis­tance from there. Well this was fine and good but the next day I wake up (sore from lying on wood floor all night) and have to walk back to down­town Asheville to get back to my car. So I bun­dled up (-7° C ambi­ent, ‑15° C wind­chill) and head­ed down to Sun­ny Point Café and had some great huevos rancheros, and many cups of strong black cof­fee. Then bought some Ray­Bans and a 3‑pack of black gloves. I only passed one per­son on the way back to town, and as chance would have it he need­ed a pair of gloves. So I gave him a pair. I bet he felt pret­ty lucky to be giv­en a pair of gloves on the cold­est day of the year. Below you can see my path.

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It’s real­ly great to live in a town with such youth­ful cul­ture. Leav­ing Try­on seems like a bet­ter idea every­day.

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