Dichotomies of the World, Unite!

Occa­sion­al­ly life comes at you all at once, and some­times it comes at you in bite size pieces that you real­ly can digest. It’s the dif­fer­ence between con­sum­ing a cow and eat­ing a ham­burg­er. Late­ly, my life has tend­ed toward the ham­burg­er end of the spec­trum, with an occa­sion­al Porter­house (inci­den­tal­ly, my favorite cut of steak) thrown into the mix when my atten­tion span is extra long.

Hav­ing life cut down to man­age­able bits has led to changes. I’ve cut back on my Dionysian ten­den­cies and re-engaged my Apol­lon­ian to ben­e­fi­cial effect in life, mind and body; I’ve returned to read­ing and hope­ful­ly soon to writ­ing; I’ve come up with sev­er­al cre­ative ideas (includ­ing an opera based on the Dutch East India Com­pa­ny and a William Golding/The Office par­o­dy called ‘Lord of the Files’ involv­ing an office child care gone hor­ri­bly wrong); and I’ve had trou­ble sleep­ing, because my mind does not like to go to rest and I’ve been work­ing long hours.

The Hog­a­rth oil paint­ing to the right (I plan to do analy­sis of it here soon) is of my new hero, a man who made a fas­ci­nat­ing com­bi­na­tion of the Apol­lon­ian and Dionysian in him­self: Sir Fran­cis Dash­wood, founder of the Hell­fire Club. Is any­one inter­est­ed in open­ing a chap­ter?

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