Standard Typewriter

After many months of search­ing, I final­ly found some­thing I had been look­ing for. Or, more accu­rate­ly, it found me. I was on my way back to the office from the bank (pay­day!) and I took a more cir­cuitous route so as to dodge a man who tried to hus­tle me out of $30 on Pack Square. I passed Col­lege Street, going up the hill toward Hay­wood where I noticed an antique store that I had­n’t been into in years. I was real­ly look­ing for 78s or Vic­tro­las, but then I saw it: a black suit­case. It con­tained a portable man­u­al type­writer, a Coro­na, made by Stan­dard. (Stan­dard even­tu­al­ly named them­selves after their most pop­u­lar mod­el.) The case has some mold and over­all grime, but is in good con­di­tion. It appears that some­one has already replaced the hinges, and they did a good job, but the real gem is the type­writer, which is in very fine con­di­tion out­side of need­ing a new rib­bon. I sup­pose that there is not much that can go wrong with them, but I have lit­tle expe­ri­ence with type­writ­ers and my reac­tion to any­thing that old is “I can’t believe it still works- MUST PURCHASE.” I’ll try and get a pic of it up soon.

It’s giv­en me a flur­ry of new ideas:

  • Every morn­ing, upon wak­ing I should sit at the type­writer and knock out a list. I’ve already done this once, and it was an excel­lent men­tal wake up. I’ll post this list lat­er.
  • At the recent ‘Co-depen­den­t’s Day Par­ty’ I left the type­writer in the liv­ing room and left “Please type some­thing con­tro­ver­sial” at the top, and I asked a cou­ple of peo­ple to seed it. It worked out strange­ly, of course, and I’ll post the results lat­er.
  • I plan to take the type writer on (short) hik­ing trips. I find that being in an unfa­mil­iar set­ting helps, and the lack of inter­net access on a type­writer pre­vents dis­trac­tion. I say short trips, because the damned thing weighs a lot.

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