Fin de siècle! 100th post!

So, this is my 100th post. To com­mem­o­rate the occa­sion I’ve decid­ed to try and break 200 by the end of the year. There’s about 100 days left, so this should keep my busy every day.

I find that I like blog­ging for a lot of rea­sons, and I don’t think van­i­ty is one of them. Blog­ging turns writ­ing and infor­ma­tion col­lect­ing into a per­for­mance art; much more inter­est­ing than stamp-col­lect­ing to me.

First, it’s fun dur­ing the day when I think of some­thing to know that it has a home. Instead of scrib­bling it down in some note­book that I file on the shelf I can feed it into a liv­ing doc­u­ment to be shared.

Sec­ond, it helps me hone my writ­ing skills. Writ­ing is a skill that would help me immense­ly at work and at school. I some­times can write effort­less­ly, but more often it is a strug­gle to get a sin­gle para­graph out. Hav­ing a for­mat in which I can do any­thing helps me to get the write juices flow­ing (pun intend­ed) and silence that lit­tle self-doubt demon that’s the bane of so many’s cre­ativ­i­ty.

Third, it keeps me hon­est. Because this forum is open to any eye­balls that surf by, I feel sort of account­able for the con­tent, and since the con­tent is derived from my life, I feel that I should keep a clean act.

Fourth, things can be tedious or they can be fun. And if you can trans­mute the tedious into the fun, you win at life. Blog­ging is fun now.

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