Free Will and Forbidden Fruit

In my anthro­pol­o­gy class last week, this ques­tion was raised: Why did God put the Tree with For­bid­den Fruit in the Gar­den of Eden? The ques­tion was raised but not answered by either the the­ist or athe­ist con­tin­gent. I find this to be an impor­tant mat­ter in under­stand­ing the bible, and i have rarely heard it explained.  I ven­ture this argu­ment:

The bible has a con­vo­lut­ed rela­tion­ship with the notion of man’s free will, but in this case is clear. With­out God’s plac­ing some kind of pro­hi­bi­tion that could be bro­ken, there­by gen­er­at­ing dis­obe­di­ence, their could be no chance to demon­strate choice and free will. Essen­tial­ly, just like any good sci­en­tist, God allowed for a neg­a­tive out­come, know­ing the results would be mean­ing­less with­out the pos­si­bil­i­ty. It would be like vot­ing for pres­i­dent with only one name on the bal­lot.

I feel that this is a rarely artic­u­lat­ed con­cept. Any­one heard it put this way before? Where did you hear it?

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