Open Source Society

Good friend  of mine Josh lives and works in Colum­bia, SC and in his spare time runs, and I just added him to my blog roll. He’s a Lin­ux jock­ey and a big­ger geek with a lot more knowl­edge than me, and does some real­ly neat mashups with data feeds in his spare time like this:

It’s inter­est­ing to think about what ‘Open Source Soci­ety’ means. I won­der what else an Open Source Soci­ety could mean, if applied to polit­i­cal, soci­o­log­i­cal and behav­ioral mod­els. I’m glad he’s help­ing to define it. Go check him out!

Also, on the side­bar notice the new AVL Weath­er mod­ule. Thanks to Josh!

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