Bill Maher’s Religulous

I saw this movie a cou­ple weeks ago and real­ly enjoyed it. He asks a lot of sim­ple ques­tions to peo­ple who say they have the answers and watch­es them fall on their face try­ing get out of the way of the hypocrisy of their tra­di­tion. Espe­cial­ly mem­o­rable was the Cre­ation­ist muse­um, which depicts humans and dinosaurs liv­ing togeth­er in an ante­dilu­vian har­mo­ny, as well as the Holy Land theme park in Orlan­do, Flori­da, where an actor play­ing Jesus gets grue­some­ly impaled every day, to the tear­ful applause of the crowd.

If there was a god, I’d still have both nuts.” — Lance Arm­strong

Reli­gion is a cul­tur­al mill­stone, hang­ing around our necks. The soon­er we dis­card it, the bet­ter our chances of sur­vival. Peo­ple pro­fess­ing no reli­gious belief are the most under rep­re­sent­ed demo­graph­ic in this coun­try, and like any under rep­re­sent­ed (and grow­ing) group, they will not per­sist sot­to voce for long. Kudos to Bill Maher.

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