FYI: 1–800-GOOG-411

GOOG 411

Impress your friends! neigh­bors! col­leagues! strangers!

1–800-GOOG-411 is my favorite Google prod­uct you’ve nev­er heard of. It’s awe­some… instead of shelling out $1 to Ver­i­zon or AT&T to get 411 infor­ma­tion, Google pro­vides it for free, and con­nects you. It will even send you a text mes­sage with the address and phone num­ber of the busi­ness you’re call­ing about, also for free. I’ve prob­a­bly used it a dozen times, and it’s been accu­rate every time.

Being good at Google has turned into a mar­ketable skill for me. I’m work­ing on some­thing big right now, so stay tuned…

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