My new favorite web­site: I’ve been a strug­gling stu­dent for too long and I’m car­ry­ing a lit­tle more cred­it card debt than I would like. I’ve tried Quick­en, but it was­n’t real­ly fun or easy to use. It nev­er liked to talk to all my cred­it cards at once or my bank account and nev­er made me hap­py to use it, so I aban­doned it a long time ago. Mint how­ev­er, has worked real­ly well for me. Not only do I get to see all my cred­it cards in one place, but it makes it fun and slick and sat­is­fy­ing. They don’t sup­port many of the small­er banks, so mine isn’t cov­ered, but even with­out it talk­ing to my bank account it has helped me keep the goal of defeat­ing cred­it card debt in the fore­front of my mind. Check it out!

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