First Night

Lithe voic­es glide
like spir­its in mist
short words spo­ken close.
Closed mouths tight lips
give way to sen­tences, vines
out­stretched ten­drils grasp­ing
rich air for mean­ing, mois­ture.
The ecsta­sy is the infamy
of blas­phe­my, to mar­ry flesh
in inti­ma­cy, cry­ing out for more
and less and more.

Tell her some­thing per­fect
he says to him­self, his lips stir — she cuts in

Every­thing will be wrong tomor­rw.”

Then any­thing is right tonight.”

Los­ing count of drinks, cig­a­rettes
kiss­es, they blur, until
the edge of the world 
is the end of the night. 



I wrote this on my type­writer, Octo­ber 8, 2008.

I’m aware of some of it’s faults, but I wel­come fur­ther crit­i­cism. And I don’t like the title.

  1. I absolute­ly love this line I feel like I have been in these lines before.… “Every­thing will be wrong tomor­rw.”

    Then any­thing is right tonight.”

  2. I think my prob­lem with the title is “first” implies some­thing fol­lows it. Unless of course this is the first of a series of poems that fol­low with this theme or char­ac­ters. (hmm…now there’s a thought) It also makes me think of New Year’s Eve in Asheville.

    So my per­son­al pref­er­ence would move toward a title like “First Ecsta­sy” or “One Night” with­out stray­ing to far from the words you are already using.

    I love this line “The ecsta­sy is the infamy of blas­phe­my” and how it rush­es over the line break.

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