POP Asheville 2009


Last year, not long after I got to Asheville, I went to this lit­tle music fes­ti­val, POPA­sheville, that was held down­town. I had a lot of fun last year; I even blogged about it. Serendip­i­ty abound­ed and I surfed the week­end wave to com­ple­tion, but not exhaus­tion. Musi­cal high­lights at the fes­ti­val includ­ed Nerd Parade (they gave out con­doms in awe­some con­tain­ers), Mad Tea Par­ty and Heypen­ny. Heypen­ny is kick­ing ass — they sound great and they have a new album that I’m des­per­ate to get my hands on. Their last album has been a con­stant favorite over the past year.

I had count­less mem­o­rable con­ver­sa­tions.

  • Sal­ly, thanks for the encour­age­ment. Best of luck with your girl­friend from Alaba­ma. I hope you made it home ok.
  • Mark, you’re very well read. Now, just one more day!
  • Good luck with that iBook, Siob­han. Hope Z’s advice helped.

After a short day of Sat­ur­day work at the office I had an awe­some din­ner at Nine Mile with col­league Sen­si­ble Kit­ty. Have to make this a routine.Then I returned to work only to find the place sur­round­ed by fire­fight­ers. Turns out our land­lords and own­ers of the build­ing, Glaz­er Archi­tec­ture, did­n’t fol­low their own advice and they let their office get too cold and the pipes to the sprin­kler sys­tem burst, but did­n’t leak until the ice thawed hours lat­er. Only the fire depart­ment can turn that off I’m told, but it was not before water dam­aged the Jerusalem Gar­den restau­rant and the dance stu­dio below. Thank­ful­ly, I had slept in the office and ran space heaters to keep it warm and I woke up to a balmy 68° that morn­ing. So not only did I not have to dri­ve home (thank­ful­ly) but I also kept the office safe.

There was so much more; maybe I’ll get to it lat­er today.

  1. sounds like an action packed week­end Andrew. I remem­ber last years Pop fest and I saw you on the Lazoom bus and it was so cold that nite. Thank good­ness for the flask. cheers A, have a good week.

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