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So, as some may know I got accept­ed to UNC-Asheville for the fall. I’d been try­ing to go for 6 years and kept get­ting sent back to the minor-leagues, but I grad­u­at­ed last month — and got called up to the majors. I had near­ly giv­en up on my dream of high­er edu­ca­tion, and now that I’m real­ly there I find myself to be child­ish­ly excit­ed about all of it, right down to the droll and bor­ing aspects of reg­is­tra­tion and ori­en­ta­tion which I com­plet­ed last week.

I’m stoked about my sched­ule. Here it is:

  • Amer­i­can Indi­an: Pre-Con­tact to 1840
  • World Civ­i­liza­tions to 1500
  • Macro­eco­nom­ics
  • Tai-Chi
  • Ger­many: Yes­ter­day, Today and Tomor­row
  • The Unit­ed States after 1865

I hope that I am chal­lenged and accept­ed by my peers. At AB-Tech, I con­sis­tent­ly felt that I had a grasp of the mate­r­i­al that exceed­ed what was expect­ed, and there were many missed oppor­tu­ni­ties to engage the oth­er stu­dents because they had lit­tle broad­er edu­ca­tion­al con­text to plug in to. Just ask me about some of the Pow­er­Point fueled pre­sen­ta­tions that I saw get pass­ing grades. Embarass­ing. Edward Tufte would have croaked.

I’ll see you on cam­pus! I’ll be the one with the big smile.


  1. Rock on! You deter­mi­na­tion to get this far will fuel you to suc­cess in the end. Soon enough I imag­ine I’ll have to refer to you as Pro­fes­sor.

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