Hanging a Shingle: Computer Fixer

Computer_Flyer_SmallI’m hang­ing a shin­gle for myself: I fix com­put­ers, and I’d like to fix yours.

I’m going back to school in August and I need to start cre­at­ing a more flex­i­ble line of work for myself, some­thing that I can mold  and make work around my 16-hour aca­d­e­m­ic cal­en­dar. I’ve got 10 years expe­ri­ence fix­ing com­put­ers for peo­ple, and I’m not being a brag­gart when I say: I’m good. I enjoy mak­ing com­put­ers work bet­ter, and I explain what I’m doing in friend­ly terms.  I usu­al­ly work in your home, but if I can do a bet­ter job by tak­ing your com­put­er back to my work­bench, I’ll offer that. I’m good at dis­cern­ing whether the com­put­er is the prob­lem — or whether you’re try­ing to do some­thing you should­n’t (Doh!). If you want my advice while  buy­ing a com­put­er you can bring me to the store. I may be able to save you mon­ey even after my fee, and you’ll get the right com­put­er for your needs.

Also, I design busi­ness cards and fly­ers and such, like the ones you see here.

You can even call me and leave a mes­sage from right here, with this wid­get. Try it!


  1. Andrew does rock at this stuff, I’ve called him dozens of times over the years with weird com­put­er ques­tions and he can always fig­ure it out.

    Which reminds me, do you know any­thing about replac­ing lap­top pow­er inputs? (And/or whether it is more/less expen­sive than me just buy­ing myself a net­book? 😉

  2. Thanks, Lau­ra.

    Pow­er inputs on a lap­top are noto­ri­ous for being a sim­ple prob­lem that can break an oth­er­wise good machine. It is pos­si­bly cheap­er to get a net­book, but net­books are far from awe­some. They are usu­al­ly slow and finicky, and I’ve seen pro­duc­tion prob­lems in some of them. Next time I’m in Chapel Hill I can take a bet­ter look at it.

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