Bootleg: Espers performing “Flaming Telepath” by Blue Öyster Cult

Photograph by Lydia See
Pho­to­graph by Lydia See

And now a record­ing of Philadel­phi­a’s psy­che­del­ic folk out­fit Espers play­ing Blue Öys­ter Cult’s Flam­ing Telepaths. This boot­leg was record­ed at Diana Wortham on Fri­day August 14, 2009, dur­ing Har­vest Record’s Trans­fig­u­ra­tions music fes­ti­val. My friend Lydia pho­tographed the entire fes­ti­val, and she has some stun­ning­ly good shots.

By the way, an ‘esper’ is a per­son who is capa­ble of telepa­thy, so it is fit­ting that they’ve cho­sen this song to cov­er.


I post­ed a few oth­ers — you can find them here > Trans­fig­u­ra­tions Bootlegs

Don’t know the orig­i­nal? Check it.


  1. I’m prob­a­bly being an idiot, but how can I hear this? Espers are one of my favourite bands but I can’t fig­ure out how to hear this live ver­sion. Thanks

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