Bootleg: The Books perform “Take Time”

The Books record­ing did­n’t turn out as well, but it is still very lis­ten­able. The audi­ence made a lot more noise dur­ing the music than with Espers or Will Old­ham, and the ‘third mem­ber’ of the band you can only glimpse aural­ly. That would be the footage they pro­ject­ed on a screen behind them that was incred­i­ble and jaw­drop­ping — real­ly, I appeared like a troglodyte dur­ing the whole thing because my mandible was flap­ping with awe. Enjoy!


Oh — and if you like these bootlegs, you should real­ly buy the records from Har­vest Records. Asheville should thank those guys for bring­ing such great music and pre­sent­ing it so well. Thank them by spend­ing mon­ey at their store.

Here’s the offi­cial video and the stu­dio ver­sion of the song.

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