Bootleg: Will Oldham / Bonnie “Prince” Billy performs “Cycles”

Pho­to­graph by Lydia See

Trans­fig­u­ra­tions for me was all dia­monds and no rough, and I only saw six of the acts. One of the high­lights was being there last Fri­day at Diana Wortham The­ater for Will Old­ham / Bon­nie “Prince” Bil­ly, who played a long set with lots of rare gems, includ­ing this song writ­ten by Gayle Cald­well and record­ed as the title track by Frank Sina­tra on his 1968 Cycles LP. I’m going to be on the look­out for that on vinyl, but until then this will have to do. He intro­duced this as a ‘reces­sion song.’


Check out all the oth­er record­ings I made at Trans­fig­u­ra­tions. By the way, these awe­some pho­tos were tak­en by Lydia See. You should click on them and see her oth­er work. You’ll like it.

Pho­to­graph by Lydia See

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