Remembering: Ice Storm, 2005

This recent snow storm remind­ed me of the last severe win­ter weath­er that we had, four years ago this month. I was liv­ing way out in B.F.E., an hour from Asheville and 15 min­utes from the clos­est store of any kind. I pur­pose­ly stayed put and enjoyed the qui­et of being thrust off the grid for a few days. Sure it was cold, sure the plumb­ing did­n’t work and the pow­er was out, but remem­ber­ing that when it comes down to it you’ve got to rely on your­self is an invalu­able les­son that is too rarely taught in our mod­ern times. I shot these pic­tures on the first day, when the entire world seemed to be made of dia­monds. Every­thing sparkled and leaned, the sum of the weight of ice and the light that it spread thick­ly in the air. Chiaroscuro fad­ed from the blind­ing new world, and the places I knew so well became pala­tial and regal, a Fortress of Soli­tude that made me feel like Super­man. The pho­tos don’t do it jus­tice at all, but I had to try. I’ve nev­er seen any­thing like it. Have you?

In the cold and the dark, alone.

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