Anti-SOPA Solidarity

In sol­i­dar­i­ty with Wikipedia, Red­dit and oth­er sites my blog will be join­ing the anti-SOPA black­out on Wednes­day, Jan­u­ary 18. Though I don’t receive a lot of traf­fic and my lack of pres­ence on the inter­net will like­ly go unno­ticed, I feel that this is an impor­tant ges­ture that I can make. The rea­sons that SOPA dam­ages free­dom of speech have been well pub­li­cized, but if you would like to learn more please read this Techdirt arti­cle if you’re a lit­tle tech savvy, or this New York Times arti­cle for those of you who don’t know what DNS is.

If you have a blog or a web­site, I encour­age you to join me and Wikipedia. If you use, you can install a plu­g­in that makes this very sim­ple to set­up. You can find that plu­g­in here:

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