Silent Sundays

A few months ago my room­mate Jon Ammons and I were deep in con­ver­sa­tion about some­thing mod­ern and for­get­table and droll when we had the nov­el idea to res­ur­rect a dead art. Name­ly, that of the silent film with piano accom­pa­ni­ment. We were not unpre­pared. Jon has a seri­ous and long­stand­ing inter­est­ing in films from the silent era and I have a seri­ous inter­est in music of the same. Real­iz­ing that we were strange­ly well-suit­ed to the task and cou­pled with our  life of the idle pas­sions of bach­e­lor cre­atives, we set upon mak­ing this dream a real­i­ty.

I designed the posters, we booked a venue, arranged for a piano, pro­jec­tor and pop­corn, pro­mot­ed and pro­cured press and pulled it off like pros. It was one of the most fun and suc­cess­ful events that I’ve ever been a part of with­out the aid of a well-estab­lished band. It’s a hell of a lot of work com­pared to the mon­ey I make, but it’s a pas­sion project. Pas­sion mat­ters a lot in my world.

Thanks to all the peo­ple who came out for the shows and espe­cial­ly those who came out for both. We’re doing anoth­er Silent Sun­day on March 18. The film is yet to be deter­mined.

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  1. So excit­ed I’ll get to catch a 3rd Silent Sun­day on my birth­day week­end!

    Thank you guys for being tal­ent­ed & awe­some.

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