The Roaring Lions EP

A lit­tle over a year ago, my friend Hen­ry and I were invit­ed by Je Widen­house to sit in on his week­ly gig at 5 Wal­nut Wine Bar here in down­town Asheville. Je and Hen­ry are cur­rent mem­bers of the Squir­rel Nut Zip­pers and Je and I are cur­rent mem­bers of Fire­crack­er Jazz Band and Hen­ry is the for­mer tuba play­er, so we had a large song­book in com­mon. We had a lot of fun that night, made some good music and got a great response. So we slapped a name on our trio, start­ed up a Face­book account, print­ed up some busi­ness cards and called it a band. As far as I can tell from my research, we are the world’s first and only tuba-trum­pet-piano trio in exis­tence. If you know of anoth­er, tell me.

We are The Roaring Lions.

We have just released our first recordings.

You can buy our record on Band­camp, or from us in per­son when you see us per­form for $5. Also, you can Book­face love us. Our CD release will take place this Sun­day Octo­ber 14, at 5 Wal­nut Wine Bar at 7pm.

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