Mot­to: Sine dis­ci­plina, inge­ni­um nihil.

Self-descrip­tion is a calami­ty.”

- Jasper Johns [1]


a·nach·ro·nism (ə‑năk’rə-nĭz’əm), n.

  1. The rep­re­sen­ta­tion of some­one as exist­ing or some­thing as hap­pen­ing in oth­er than chrono­log­i­cal, prop­er, or his­tor­i­cal order.
  2. One that is out of its prop­er or chrono­log­i­cal order, espe­cial­ly a per­son or prac­tice that belongs to an ear­li­er time: “A new age had plain­ly dawned, an age that made the insti­tu­tion of a seg­re­gat­ed pic­nic seem an anachro­nism” (Hen­ry Louis Gates, Jr.)

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